Natural Language processing

Seminar, Dienstag, 16.15-17.45, Seminarraum 11


This seminar will consist of reading and discussing relevant literature and practical programming exercises in R. We will discuss three main topics: the statistical structure of language, learning and semantic memory, and affect as expressed in language. The final 3-4 weeks will be devoted to conducting final projects, in which each student addresses a (small) psychological question using openly available natural language data. During the project period there will be no classes; supervision will be provided through 1-1 support, in person or virtual. The final project will be documented in a 2-3 page summary (1.5 lines, font size 12) and presented in a 5-10min presentation during the final session (21.5.).


Link: (tba) Code: (tba)


19.02. Intro
Piantadosi (2014)

26.02. Frequency
Griffith et al. (2014)

05.03. Assignment

12.03. - no class -

19.03. Semantics
Bullinaria & Levy (2007)

26.03. Semantics
Reagan et al. (2016)

02.04. Assignment

09.04. Affect

16.04. Assignment

23.04. Project proposals

Data sources: tba

30.04. Project

07.05. Project

14.05. Project

21.05. Presentations

28.05. - no class -